Person or Persons in states from coast-to-coast are calling door-to-door claiming to represent our company!

This activity has been reported to local authorities. It is alleged that one of these people was involved in a violent crime against a "client" in Plymouth MA. Other accusations are out there.

If someone calls on your home, please be aware that we have not and never will sell or market anything door-to-door. The company behind this appears to be Paragon Sales Inc. / Andre Walker Apparel. We urge you to contact police in your area as well as police in Flossmor, IL where Paragon Sales Inc. is located. Their number is (708) 957-4500

Should you wish to contact Paragon Sales Inc. directly please call them at (708) 922-0034 or for more information click here.

Thank you for your patience as there is little we can do to resolve this situation.

John Midkiff

Email: jmidkiff@paragonstd.com